Assisting and
encouraging the
sustainability of
Australian folk culture

The Troubadour Foundation  

Renowned singer-songwriter Eric Bogle is the patron of The Troubadour Foundation.

The Toubadour Foundation raises funds and provides assistance for projects that help sustain Australian folk culture.

Leading Australian and international folk artists have supported  Troubadour Foundation projects since its foundation in 2007.

"Festival folk sing.." CD and concert series

Festival folk sing
Joni Mitchell

Festival folk sing
Dark Side of the Moon

Festival folk sing
Mickey Newbury

Festival folk sing
Gordon Lightfoot

The "Festival folk sing.." series of CDs and concerts has helped raise funds for the Troubadour Foundation and assisted in raising the Foundation's profile.

Many leading Australian and international folk artists have supported these
projects by donating recordings and performing at "Festival folk sing..." concerts at major Australian folk festivals.

You can help support the Troubadour foundation by buying these CD's - 
You can order any of these CDs by emailing wineandmusic@bigpond.com.  They are priced at $25 each plus $3.50 packing and postage.

Festival Folk Sing Dark Side of the Moon is also available from http://festivalfolk.aracastores.com/. Other CDs are available from Trad and Now (www.tradandnow.com).